So Secure recognises the need to provide well-trained, presentable staff for security concierge roles in various sectors, including offices, hotels, government buildings, building sites, and more. Our expertly trained staff delivers a professional front-of-house service, tailor-made to your specific requirements. Concierge Security guards are visible to both staff and clients, therefore hiring the right team is of utmost importance.

Our front-of-house security is fully trained to your exacting standards and adaptable to a variety of roles.

Versatile Security – Concierge – Guards

Each client we work with has a specific requirement, unique to them but there are indeed common factors.

Common operations include: 

  • Checking In/Out
  • Logging Guest Details
  • Verifying Credentials
  • Directing Visitors / Staff
  • Maintaining Security Policies
  • Operating Scanning Systems
  • Directing Vehicles
  • Locking and Unlocking Premises
  • Patrolling Office Blocks / Car Parks / Premises
  • Assisting with Fire Drills and Evacuation Protocols

To ensure the highest standards are maintained, we only select the most experienced and knowledgeable security guards to become part of your Concierge team. Presentable, professional, prompt, courteous, and aware of their surroundings at all times, we aim to be an invaluable front end to your business. 

SIA Licensed Operatives

Our SIA-licenced concierge security guards are deployed with the relevant skills and training to match your needs.

Adhering to standards such as SIA means you are assured that both So Secure and its staff meet a standard, which is widely recognised. It is important for us as a company working in the security sector, and our customers, to know that all security concierges deployed are professional and effective in their role.  

Security for different sectors

We work in a number of office blocks and universities, as well as hotels and apartment blocks. The role may slightly differ to adapt to the specific needs of your organisation, but across the different sectors, our concierge staff makes guests and staff feel safe and secure.

Access Control for Offices

Staff utilise bag checks and scanning equipment, monitoring anyone entering your office blocks to ensure safety for all your staff and visitors throughout the day. We work in various offices throughout London, Kent and the Southeast region. Our staff learns your systems, security procedures, and protocols and delivery a professional front-end service for your business.

    Access Control for Vehicles

    Whether it’s staff, public or visitor car parks, access control is often required. Security staff are trained to monitor, support and ensure smooth access 24/7.

    Security Concierge in Hotels

    Security Concierge to manage routine patrols of carparks, conference security, access control to secure areas and more.

    Key Criteria in our Concierge Staff Recruitment

    When recruiting, our criteria are as follows:

    • Active SIA Licence
    • Skilled in Specific Areas (relevant to their application)
    • Past Experience
    • Presentable
    • Well Spoken
    • Well Mannered
    • Willingness to Learn / Adapt and be Professional at all times

    So Secure Security guards are full-time employees. We do not use sub-contracted staff as we can not guarantee they meet our exacting standards.

    Excellence in Communication

    We proactively drive to achieve excellence in all communications. We hire staff for concierge duties who are well-spoken, with good manners, and who present well. Of course, we insist they possess the relevant experience or qualifications in customer service roles. 

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