Manned Guards are an effective Visual Deterrent

So Secure provide Manned Guards, who act as a visual deterrent for would-be thieves.

If you have buildings, premises or sites which are unattended, that might attract un-authorised visitors, hiring manned guards to patrol and protect, is likely to reduce the risk of a criminal incident occurring.

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High Vis Jackets for So Secure Staff

At So Secure we take the security of your business seriously and look to provide a one stop security solution to everything your premises may need.

Security and the ever changing technology within constantly evolves to deliver the best and most secure options for the requirements you have.

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We cover a wide range of sectors, from private, corporate, public and government facilities.

We deploy relevant staff to suit the needs of clients and provide a comprehensive solution to secure building sites.

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Brothel poster for security in history of a doorman page

In my youth, when I was sneaking into clubs at 16 / 17, hoping i didn’t get asked by the guys on the door for some ID, my mates and I all knew them as bouncers. It was only later in life when I came to work for a Private Security firm in Kent, that I learned the title assigned to those who managed the door was leaning more towards the professional term of ‘Door Supervisor‘. Sounds more professional doesn’t it.

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