SIA Approved Security Services

Hiring one, or a team, of our professional security staff for a variety of situations, is simple and easy. We provide a tailored security solution specific to the needs of our clients.

As an SIA Approved Security Firm, we provide a tailored security solution specific to the needs of our clients. So Secure deliver professional security services to suit private, commercial, government and celebrity sectors.

Manned Guarding

Corporate, Retail & Shopping Centers, Public Sector, Education, Building Sites, Warehousing, Social Housing and more.

Retail Security

Theft detection and prevention, customer care, shopper assistance, civil arrest and police liaison, visible deterrent in retail environments.

Building Site Security

Our security personnel patrol to provide a visual deterrent which proactively deters would-be thieves, vandals and squatters.

Reception Concierge

Our 5-star reception and concierge services ensure your guests and callers get the welcome they deserve.

Security Destruction

IT Destruction and Security Shredding

We provide a secure shredding service and destruction of IT equipment. So Secure can safely and securely dispose of your paperwork and IT equipment.

Close Protection

Close Protection Officer in Action

We cater for high profile personalities who require professional, courteous and effective security. Personal Security, BodyGuards & Security Teams.

So Secure – Total Security Solutions

At So Secure we take the security of your business seriously and look to provide a one stop security solution to everything your premises may need.

Security and the ever changing technology within constantly evolves to deliver the best and most secure options for the requirements you have.

Each and every building, office space, bar, restaurant, or retail outlet has individual requirements and this is where So Secure comes in to deliver exactly what that site requires.

Whether its advice, installation of new systems, upgrades, servicing, repairs or emergency call outs we are here to help maintain the level of security you need and expect.

Intruder Alarms

Your intruder alarm covers and protects your premises while you are not around, from a basic site specific system alerting security staff to a fully functioning police monitored system, its important to ensure each individual component and function of the system is operating correctly,

Door contacts, motion detectors, vibration sensors, panic buttons and communication link to central stations or security personnel.

When So Secure design, install or maintain your intruder alarm we check and test all aspect of the system giving you the confidence your building is fully protected in your absence.

That confidence is consistently upheld with our maintenance plans and reports on anything regarding your intruder alarm that requires attention to ensure its continued protection and performance is at a high level at all times.

Access Control Systems

The access control of your building can be of the upmost importance along with the level of control or security you require, So Secure offers access control solutions at all levels,

giving flexibility to control staff and visitors on the premises, allowing different levels of protection to different areas of the site to those who are permitted to be there.

Access can be granted via and entry phone system to reception or security staff, by keypad code entry, security card, fingerprint or fob readers.

With a multiple of options available we can ensure the security of your site is tailored to the exact specification you need, offering the maximum level of security and control required.

So Secure are able to offer the design and installation of new systems, upgrades and amendments to existing systems, repairs and emergency call outs on any issues you may have to ensure your building is kept secure at all times.


Cctv systems offer you the perfect solution to visually monitor the comings and goings on site, cctv has become such a valuable tool to the protection of any property or building.

A key factor to your cctv’s operation is regular maintenance, being sure all images are of high quality:

  • night vision images and infrared illumination are all of high quality
  • cleaning of cameras
  • checking any recorded footage is clear and visible
  • remote viewing links are functioning correctly giving security staff or management good access to view the site.

So Secure offer full maintenance packages along with the design and installation of new systems, repairs or replacement of failing equipment on existing systems and emergency call outs when you need them most.

Physical Security

Depending on the site this could be considered your front line of defense, including:

  • fixed security grills
  • sliding security grills
  • bars
  • roller shutters
  • security gates

So Secure can take care of it, designed and fabricated to the requirements of each individual application these options can really compliment and finalize the total security package you need.

Along with amendments or additions to existing fixtures and maintenance of any moving physical fittings such as automated gates and shutters So secure have it covered to ensure your site is secure.

Staff Training Procedures

All our operatives are trained to the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Level 2 National Qualifications for Door Supervisors, Security Guarding and Physical Intervention.

  • SIA – Level 2 Door Supervisor
  • SIA – Level 2 Security Officer
  • SIA – Physical Intervention
  • SIA – Up-Skilling
  • Conflict Management Award

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In light of this our training programmes don’t stop there, as we fully appreciate that continued personal development is vitally important and our tailored training programmes will continue to build on the skills, knowledge and experience already achieved.

Bespoke Physical Intervention Programmes

We have a range of bespoke physical intervention programmes covering all sectors, including additional modules for dealing with higher levels of violence and aggression.

Mechanical Restraint Programme

Our comprehensive training programmes also cover the safe and effective use of all the different types of mechanical restraint, as well as the use of the ‘Soft Cuff’.