Building Site & Construction Security

Security solutions for the construction industry

UK Construction Site Theft Costs £800 Million a Year. This is a shocking statistic and covers theft alone, never mind the disruption to business and delays caused.

Our SIA trained security operatives proactively deter criminals from stealing or damaging property on building sites.

Building Site Security Operatives are typically required to:

  • Guard premises to prevent unauthorised access or occupation
  • Guard premises against break-ins
  • Guard premises against destruction or damage
  • Guard equipment from theft
  • Monitor / Perform Surveillance
  • Perform regular patrols

Private security guards are deployed where a physical presence is required. The security officer may be required to monitor, patrol and / or perform surveillance, to pro-actively maintain order and act as a deterrent to thieves or troublemakers.

Construction Security

SoSecure deploy SIA trained security guards to protect building sites throughout London, Kent and the Southeast.

  • Residential Construction Sites
  • Commercial Construction Sites
  • Motorway Construction
  • Construction Machinery Storage Sites

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It is of the utmost importance for us to ensure that our staff are So Secure and fully trained to the latest standards. Each member of staff is SIA approved and vetted to BS7858 standard. As an SIA ACS approved security firm, we benefit from continuous updates relating to drug awareness, anti-terrorism, first aid and additional information relevant to the services we provide.