Manned Guarding Services

Security Guards for the Commercial Sector

We provide manned guarding security services to a variety of organisations, from small to large within both the public and private sector within London, Kent and South East.

SoSecure deliver cost effective and professional guarding solutions to the commercial sector, using fully trained SIA approved security guards.

SoSecure Guarding is typically used to:

  • Guard premises to prevent unauthorised access or occupation
  • Guard premises against break-ins
  • Guard premises against destruction or damage
  • Guard equipment from theft
  • Monitor / Perform Surveillance
  • Perform regular patrols

Private security guards are deployed where a physical presence is required. The security officer may be required to monitor, patrol and / or perform surveillance, to proactively maintain order and act as a deterrent to thieves or troublemakers.

Manned Guarding Services

SoSecure deploy SIA trained security guards to a wide variety of commercial venues, including but not limited to:

  • Retail Shops / Stores
  • Factories / Warehouses
  • Building Sites
  • Car Parks
  • Private Premises

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Audit and Performance Monitoring

We carry out regular venue audits, assessing the quality of security being delivered to their customers. In addition we carry out quarterly key performance indicators, over and above the requirement set out by our SIA accreditation. It is imperative that we protect our reputation and continue to grow the company in a positive and respectable light.