So Secure provide Manned Guards, who act as a visual deterrent for would-be thieves.

If you have buildings, premises or sites which are unattended, that might attract un-authorised visitors, hiring manned guards to patrol and protect, is likely to reduce the risk of a criminal incident occurring.

What is Manned Guarding?

Manned Guarding is the term associated with trained security personnel who protect property and / or assets, often over longer periods, frequently overnight or during off-peak sessions.

One or more security guards / manned guards may be required to protect premises or properties from unauthorised access, or manage access in a secure way.

Security Guards patrolling are a visual deterrent which is extremely effective in reducing anti-social behaviour and acts of crime.

Manned Guarding Role

Those employed for manned guarding duties, will often manage:

  • Person/Vehicle Access Control
  • Gatehouse Security
  • CCTV Operation
  • Routine Patrolling
  • Vehicle Patrolling
  • Alarm Systems
  • Parking Management

On-Site Security reduces crime

In the majority of cases, employing security personnel to patrol your premises is likely to stop the majority of criminal events, at least the opportunist thief looking for an easy target.

Whilst there is no guarantee, a visible guard is a proven deterrent in most cases.

Defeating the Opportunist Thief

It’s widely recognised that the opportunist thief, is looking for an easy steal. A weakness in your defences might be broken security lights, fake cameras, obvious signs of a poorly maintained alarm system etc.

Keeping your security up to date and being extra vigilant in your approach to security, will improve your chances of avoiding becoming a victim of crime.

Visual Deterrent

Operational security lights, locked gates and premises , well fenced off areas, secure access systems and visible CCTV are all ways to deter would-be thieves. This costs money and depending on the situation, it might not be practical.

For example, when it comes to building site, the risk is greater while the work is in progress, not after the builders have finished and moved on. Read more on building site security here.

Proactive Crime Reduction

If someone is planning to trespass and / or perform a criminal act, they will be looking for an opportunity to minimise their risk of being caught. If a guard is patrolling your premises, the risk is much higher. The likelihood of them initiating criminal activity, is reduced where manned guards are in operation.

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